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Chapter 1260 – Pride Of The Elf Race many nervous
Elf Divine Realm Palace.
The Elf Competition became a cosmic realm point out civilization of course, along with the Human Race was just a cosmic cloud state civilization at this time.
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In the end, the combat leaderboard worried cosmic lord civilization and prospective long term cosmic lord prodigies.
“Lu Ze?”
The elders’ eyes flashed. “Perhaps, we’re witnessing the growth associated with a cosmic lord civilization…”
The senior citizens explained, “They deal with their allies very well.”
“If we are able to take hold of this opportunity, the Elf Race could also come to be stronger therefore, correct?”
Nonetheless, they didn’t dare to speak this in these an environment.
Alicia looked over Lily and Louisa. “Lily, Louisa, I didn’t assume the two of you to create lower back this a lot of resources on this occasion.”
On top of that, that Gus Race was annihilated because of the boss behind Lu Ze and the girls.
Alicia nodded.
With more assets within the race now, there is no need for individuals to remain in the Elf Race.
“If you can pick up this chance, the Elf Race also can turn out to be tougher for this reason, perfect?”
The Elf Princess and senior citizens checked out one another and appeared to be considering.
The Elf Race was a cosmic world state society in the end, and also the Human being Competition was just a cosmic cloud express civilization at the moment.
At this moment, a green ray flew to the palace.
Just after remaining private, Alicia considered Louisa and Lily solemnly. “Don’t distributed the incident regarding the conflict leaderboard! The issue is too crucial. If we are not thorough, the full Elf Competition may be ruined!”
“Lu Ze and the young ladies acquired all attained the war leaderboard. Their positioning is way ahead of time. Whenever they don’t kick the bucket at some point, they will likely definitely turn into cosmic lords. They would not be weak amongst cosmic lords very.”
Alicia and others were actually used aback whenever they observed Lily’s ideas. “What transpired?”
Alicia looked over Lily and Louisa. “Lily, Louisa, I didn’t expect the two of you to bring lower back this lots of resources this time.”
They believed Lily was only very blessed this time.
Alicia plus the ladies dropped into silence.
Immediately after becoming calm, Alicia investigated Louisa and Lily solemnly. “Don’t propagate the event with regards to the conflict leaderboard! The challenge is just too essential. If we’re not thorough, the entire Elf Race could be ruined!”
With additional solutions in the race now, there was clearly no requirement for people to remain in the Elf Race.
These opportunities were too unusual on the world.
On top of that, that Gus Competition was annihilated via the boss behind Lu Ze along with the girls.

The senior citizens didn’t really know what to state.
Even so, they still required some time to accumulate well before approaching the cosmic cloud condition.
This is very absurd.
Alicia couldn’t aid but say, “Lily… is really what you stated, correct?”
Elf Divine Realm Palace.