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Chapter 784 – Cursed Treasure invincible collar
The Heaven Ingesting Strike consumed the total cursed treasure and persisted to travel into the heavens, utilizing the cursed sword from it.
“E-Esteemed visitor! Are you fine?!” Ji Hong exclaimed in a very startled voice, and that he looked at Su Yang by using a worried seem on his deal with.
Dual Cultivation
“Heavens! It made it through! The cursed cherish actually survived!” Ji Hong exclaimed once the cursed sword went back to the ground.
The instant Su Yang touched the hardwood sword, dark colored light up started out being released, much like it was actually scorching his skin.
Ji Hong nodded and observed Su Yang out of doors.
Some time down the road, they showed up in a great and empty courtroom somewhere during the Ji Family’s house.
A handful of events later on, Ji Hong retrieved the Plant of Resurrection and put it inside of a timber pack to keep its top quality before handing it over to Su Yang.
A couple of minutes later on, Su Yang tossed the wood made sword within the atmosphere and explained, “If you can endure this. .h.i.t, I’ll cause you to my tool!”
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Ji Hong’s jaw decreased to the ground as he observed Su Yang’s sturdiness.
Sometime later on, they arrived within a wide and drain judge somewhere during the Ji Family’s family.
The Paradise Taking in Hit ingested the full cursed prize and continued to travel towards the heavens, using the cursed sword from it.
“How are cursed treasures even developed?” Lian Li asked a minute afterwards.
A few times in the future, Su Yang tossed the wood sword in the skies and mentioned, “Whenever you can thrive this. .h.i.t, I’ll allow you to my tool!”
“Could there be something wrong?” Ji Hong expected.
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“Cursed treasures take a consciousness that belongs to them, therefore it may inform i always want it, so it hopes to task me. When you effect it now, it may attempt to cause harm to you.”
Su Yang swung the sword for the sky an additional later on, delivering a ma.s.sive arc of black colored flames soaring within the cursed tool.
And he ongoing, “Some spiritual treasures will get their own personal awareness naturally whilst some divine treasures are created with their possess consciousness.”
“That wood keep is the cursed prize? Unbelievableā€¦” Lian Li said as she investigated the solid wood sword that has been slightly trembling in Su Yang’s understand. If this was laying in the midst of the road, she would’ve definitely treated it as a garbage and disregarded it.
“Heaven Eating Hit!”
A while afterwards, they came within a vast and unfilled court somewhere inside the Ji Family’s house.
On the other hand, proper as Ji Hong made an effort to wide open the display screen situation, Su Yang suddenly stated, “Put it off the second.”
Su Yang retrieved another sword before releasing his Sword Will.
Sometime afterwards, they came in the great and drain court somewhere in the Ji Family’s household.
However, on their amaze, they can view a small dot from the skies that expanded larger sized and larger sized.
“Fantastic. You can go on the change after I see the rest.” Su Yang said, and the man sent back to looking at the assortment bedroom who had over the hundred treasures.
“Check out? Try what?” Ji Hong raised his eye-brows in a very confused way.
“Okay, prestigious guest. That can be done whatever you want on this page.” Ji Hong said to them.
“Would you intellect if I check it out?” Su Yang requested Ji Hong an instant later.
Ability to hear Su Yang’s words, Ji Hong immediately jerked his hands and fingers in a startled method, almost like he accidentally handled a little something too sizzling hot.
Su Yang continued to be position there after, and he stared for the sky, much like he was expecting the cursed sword to come back lower.
“All right, esteemed visitor. You could do whatever you desire right here.” Ji Hong thought to them.
“I don’t think that cursed prize can live a very attackā€¦” Ji Hong mumbled within a dazed voice.