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Unrivaled Medicine God
Unrivaled Medicine God

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Chapter 2321 – Killing God Ye Yuan! obnoxious handsome
Ye Yuan directly swallowed the healing tablet without worrying about slightest reluctance.
Prior to the alchemy pathway declined, within the last Doomsday Conflict, alchemy route powerhouses obviously unleashed huge functionality, providing large troubles to the divine competition.
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“You folks been employed tough. Keep the remainder for this Ye. Everybody abide by this Ye, this Ye can take everyone out!”
Ye Yuan required the cause, opening the manner in which forward, and all of those other human being powerhouses implemented closely right behind.
For just a moment, the total amount with the conflict basically started out leaning toward the men and women!
Unrivaled Medicine God
Ye Yuan forcefully reined his mind and committed his whole body and mind into the capsule refinement procedure.
… …
“Everyone, let us go and secure Next Sage! With him close to, our survivability will significantly increase.”
Ye Yuan’s divine essence was already fatigued. He got no way of addressing these divine competition powerhouses and abyss monsters in any way now.
While talking, the sword creation flew out. The locations which it pa.s.sed by reaped the everyday life of divine competition powerhouses and abyss monsters without restraint.
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Even so the commotion at Ye Yuan this facet was seriously way too excellent, pulling increasingly more divine competition powerhouses and abyss monsters.
Unrivaled Medicine God
This measure of powerhouses, each of them experienced their own opponents and can not redirect too many people to cope with Ye Yuan and also the folks on his section.
For a moment, the total amount of the battle actually began inclined toward the mankind!
Ye Yuan directly swallowed the medical pill with no slightest doubt.
The assortment development gave off a stunning gentle, stopping the conditions from all of the instructions.
In their impact, human being powerhouses ended up all self-centered and failed to care about other people.
Along with his aura also exploded, his cultivation kingdom directly rising by the considerable amount.
Extraordinary Great Antiquity
Today, the places where Ye Yuan pa.s.sed by ended up akin to no man’s territory.
Right after a few hours, a therapeutic pill solidified in the collection development.
His recent realm was already equal to Subsequent Firmament Heavenly Emperor.
Several our powerhouses heaved a sigh of alleviation one immediately after yet another.
Originguard introducing this combat, those he was truly focusing on were the high-conclude fight forces like Drugs Ancestor and Wing. After all, their danger was significantly, a great deal greater than Ye Yuan.
The Daughter of the Storage
Lots of human being powerhouses heaved a sigh of reduction one just after an additional.
The variety formation brought off a amazing light-weight, obstructing the strikes from all directions.
The impressive divine race and abyss monsters were like lambs expecting slaughter before Ye Yuan. People were can not resist the effectiveness of his one sword in any way.