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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2140 ignore ashamed
“Voting? Voting your a**! Father and Mum got into a major accident, still you’re in such a hurry to elect kids brain. What? Do you find yourself all wishing for Dad and Mother to expire?” Nameless Nie jogged his eyeballs overall the better-ups and elders show.
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Because these senior citizens and higher-ups dared to behave this way, they had to experience a contingency strategy. The circumstance right now was very disadvantageous for her and Nameless Nie, and electing a family group go was really a rule of thumb. Anyone simply had to obey the guidelines regardless of who they had been.
Even so, 3 days pa.s.sed also there still wasn’t any headlines. They only learned a b.l.o.o.d.y handkerchief that belonged to Madam Nie.
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Section 2140: Electing a family travel
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During the reaching area:
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Having said that, 72 hours pa.s.sed and also there still wasn’t any information. They solely found out a b.l.o.o.d.y handkerchief that belonged to Madam Nie.
Ye Wanwan immediately sent her best elites to Jin Location to investigate the issue.
“Voting? Voting your a**! Father and Mother just got into a crash, still you’re in this rush to elect a household brain. What? Are you currently all longing for Father and Mommy to die?” Nameless Nie went his eyeballs total the more expensive-ups and elders offer.
In the end, other than Initial Elder, every person actually voted for and decided Nie Linglong as being the head with the Nie household.
“Utterly ludicrous! Nie Linglong isn’t linked to the Nie friends and family by blood stream, how could she support the situation of household brain?”
Nevertheless, 72 hours pa.s.sed there still wasn’t any media. They merely identified a b.l.o.o.d.y handkerchief that belonged to Madam Nie.
“You… you’re simply…” Primary Elder didn’t be expecting another individual to create this subject up and couldn’t conjure anything to refute it.
“Although Secondly Miss is rather qualified, you should are all aware that Following Miss’s karate sturdiness isn’t as it once was. How could she keep the location as the Nie friends and family top of your head in that stage?”
“As you only claimed, Very first Elder, it was short term. Having said that, just how can we palm the Nie friends and family onto a temporarily assigned human being such an pressing time? We must naturally rush and opt for the best choice candidate—that’s the highest goal.”
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“That’s ideal, Furthermore, i acknowledge!”
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Given that that elder guaranteed Nie Linglong so staunchly, Nie Linglong probably offered to get married his boy right after getting the family unit head.
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“You’re perfect. Just after Thirdly Pass up turns into family members mind, she could choose to marry a fresh and promising youngsters from the Nie loved ones. She wouldn’t violate any rules then!”
“I recognize.”
“Although Secondly Miss is extremely qualified, you have to all know that Next Miss’s martial arts training energy isn’t the way it once was. How could she hold the position being the Nie spouse and children mind at that stage?”
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Following understanding with this, Ye Wanwan personally explored Jin Metropolis but identified nothing.
“Although Following Skip is extremely equipped, you will need to are all aware that Secondly Miss’s martial arts training durability isn’t since it once was. How could she secure the posture being the Nie friends and family mind at that point?”
Section 2140: Electing a household travel
“Of study course I remember, only Following Miss out on is easily the most perfect choice right now.”
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Eventually, in addition to Initial Elder, everyone actually voted for and elected Nie Linglong being the mind on the Nie family.
“Based about the current scenario, it’s extremely possible the patriarch and madam have attained an depressing destiny. A clan can’t do without a brain, so I recommend for all of us to hurry and elect a different brain so they can preside above the current situation for us.”Please visit our
“Voting? Voting your a**! Dad and Mom just became into a car accident, still you’re in such a hurry to elect a family group top of your head. What? Will you be all dreaming about Dad and Mother to pass on?” Nameless Nie ran his vision over-all the bigger-ups and elders present.
The atmosphere was unprecedentedly severe.
“First Elder, don’t forget the rule established through the past patriarch!”
“That’s ideal, I additionally recognize!”
“You’re proper. After 3 rd Miss ends up being the household top of your head, she can prefer to get married to a small and appealing youth from my Nie family members. She wouldn’t violate any policies then!”
“That’s ideal, Also i consent!”
“You’re proper. Immediately after Next Skip turns into your family travel, she could decide to marry a little and good youth from the Nie spouse and children. She wouldn’t violate any regulations then!”